Seahorse Tattoos

Seahorse Tattoos


Seahorse was named by the ancient Greeks, who called it Hippocampus (horse + sea monster). This benign inhabitant of the sea has a head with the obvious characteristics of the horse, but gets the look of the monsters because of their bony armor, his two eyes that are able to look in different directions simultaneously, and its tail is used to capture algae and other facilities like a monkey. Incidentally, part of the human brain associated with memory is called the "hippocampus" and perhaps also because seahorse associated with creativity.

The eyes of the seahorse can be seen independently of one another. That have made him a symbol of vigilance. For many cultures, is a grace and confidence. Poseidon, god of the ocean, driving his chariot drawn by a giant sea horses. Because of this sea horse is a symbol of strength, guidance and transformation.In Ireland, the Celtic tradition, the seahorse is known as a symbol of courage and tolerance to the sea. Irish heroine of 16th century, Grace O'Malley, had a flag with seahorse in her maritime expeditions. Her Predazzo still use the flag with seahorses.
Story of the sea nymphs who ride herd of sea horses to rescuing sailors in distress gave rise to the sea horse a symbol of good luck for sailors and yachtsmen. As a symbol of safe travel, sea horse appeared on many flags.

Seahorse charms became the honor of paternity, as the male species gives birth. The female deposited her eggs in a pouch in the male tail, where they remain for up to six weeks until birth. For this reason, a man can tattoo seahorse. Otherwise, seahorse tattoos are widely considered to be a female fashion statement, partly because it is a small design and can be tattooed on almost any part of the body. Its feminine, elegant, free-floating existence acquired the meaning of "free spirit".

Many civilizations thought that the seahorse therapy is with magical and mystical powers. Its picture adorns the tiles and mosaics in the ancient temples and baths. Since the ongoing myth that seahorse has a healing power in China they think it is good for treating impotence by using it as an aphrodisiac. Because of the over fishing them they became a protected species. The dilemma that many people have when looking for tattoo seahorse is which style to choose. The two most popular styles are cute cartoon pictures, and another version showing the angry creature. Although these are two very interesting and used options, there are many more designs to choose from.

Specifically seahorse can be done in a style that looks embossed or even carved. This style can be done with the lush and fuller coluors, for example. metallic paint. For added effect, you can design add jewels, flowers, or highly stylized waves. You can also create a scene with water and add things like corals and algae in the background.It is not uncommon to see a seahorse tattoos that contain other symbols. One of the more popular view is a picture of two seahorses together to form a heart. Although there are many innovative ideas that can be used for seahorse, many people still prefer the simple, elegant black outline design. It does not matter what image you choose, but be sure to grab a good deal of positive attention.

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