Old English Letters Tattoos

Old English Letters Tattoos


Letter tattoos can be often seen on the pop and rock stars, athletes and other celebrity parties. This method of tattooing is actually a very original because you can use a large number of letters to create yourself a unique tattoo.Old English letters tattoos date from the time of Queen Elizabeth. Old English letters contained only 24 letters and not as of today the English alphabet containing 26 letters. Old English letters like "u" and "v" we same as the letter "i" and "j".

This language was used in England and Northern Scotland between the mid 5th century until the mid-12th century.When it come to old English writing tattoos majority prefer Shakespeare's old English letters in his writings. If you look real old English letters they are a kind of calligraphy and tattoos with these words look great.

Possibility of making tattoos with letters are really great. You can tattoo just a name, or you can combine this letter with some designs.In addition Japanese and Chinese characters are also nice for letter tattoos . Most of today's tattoo with this motif are placed on the forearm. Common in soccer players worldwide. Celebrities that have old English letters tattoos are following :Megan Fox, David Beckham, Eminem ect.

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