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Lightning and thunder are electrical discharges that we all met during a lightning storm. There are a few forces of nature that look like a spectacular fireworks that follow an electrical storm – a great flash of blue-white light that seems to come from heaven, as if all this is magic, and yet incredibly deafening thunderclap that comes only a few seconds later. In the cold dark rainy night lightning create a daylight for a moment.And now just imagine as tattoo design. With lightning tattoo aesthetic and powerful symbols.

For a thunder tattoo people had many explanations for the appearance and sound of lightning and thunder, and the majority of myths have the story worked out the details of the gods and goddesses and other mythological creatures, incredible lightning that are used as weapons. Early humans were not able to help you to not be impressed by the power and magic lightning, because where the lightning struck the tree or the ground left a vast scene of destruction. Lightning has long been used as a symbol of strength and power of the gods

Lightning is a symbol of power, and since it could not be predicted, it is also a symbol of a whimsical nature of the gods and the world in which people lived. Because lightning often accompanies storms lightning is also seen as a symbol of fertility and rain was a key element for a successful crop. Some cultures consider the lightning as a male symbol, as the sun was male and the earth as female.In the Nordic legends Thor is the god of thunder and lightning are the sparks that flew when his mighty war hammer hits its target, often of a giant skull.

In the Bible God of lightning hit appearance in the exodus. Lightning symbolizes the light of truth.In many Asian cultures, aerial or celestial dragons are responsible for the lightning, caused by their wings when they fly through the sky. Lightning is often used in traditional Japanese tattooing when a kite is up in the sky.In a new modern era, a stylized lightning is used as a symbol of power and the dangers of electricity and lightning is a symbol of the potential hazards of high voltage power lines.

Lightning Tattoo is used for many years and there are various ways to display lightning tattoo design. The simplest and most widely used designs are somewhat simple bolt that is largely made only by means of thin external connections. Such a tattoo of thunder can be filled with colour and somehow the most used colours and designs are yellow red and black.Also bolt tattoo can be combined with other designs. In such designs lightning tattoo can strike forces displayed as the background of a scene or how lightning strikes in a particular symbol that you have chosen.

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