Hyacinth Tattoos

Hyacinth Tattoos


Hyacinth is a flower that is native to South-West Asia, but we find it in Europe in16th century. There are two types hyacinth: Roman hyacinth, which has rarely flowers, intense fragrance and can be white, pink, blue and purple. Another type is the Dutch hyacinth flowers with a denser, lower odor and can be white, cream, red, pink and purple color.This flower grows in the spring.A large number of north-western Europe is covered by dense forest carpets of flowers, and are sometimes called bluebell woods. Today, about 70% of hyacinth in the world located in the UK.

Hyacinth is growing in April and May, and grows between 10 and 30 inches. Hyacinth flower looks like a bell.This flower has been sung many times in various modern songs and religious songs. Although the flower hyacinth is associated notion of eternal love, there is an old tradition which says that the flower hyacinth is a bad luck. In the legend says that fairies live in the hyacinth and if you hear hyacinth music you will die that year.

As with most flower tattoos and hyacinth tattoos can be tattood like a flower, or create a tattoo of some flowers. Colorful paint hyacinth give you a great opportunity in selecting the design. Also the flower tattoo can be combined with other designs, or even with other flowers. Nice tattoo designs are when the flower hyacinth are combined with tribal designs. Color black tribal design that twists around the colorful flower known to be a nice piece of art. Hyacinth tattoos and other flowers can be tattooed on different parts of the body, though women look nice when they get it on their back, hip or leg. Of course it all depends what kind of design you choose or how big the tattoo is.

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