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Sword Tattoos

The story of the sword is very old (starting about 3500 years ago …) and many are the swords that have earned a place in world mythology (one of all Excalibur ). In the past the swords were forged by hand and calls by name ; people attributed a soul to these weapons and sometimes even magical powers, indestructibility and sacredness. The sword is the soul of the valiant knight , who always carries with him and stands as a symbol of his honor and his mission. The Justice is always depicted with a sword (or two, because with one defends, the other threatened and punished if necessary).


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E ‘symbol par excellence, its use requires skill and dexterity, and is surrounded by noble ceremonies best knights and travels through history, passing from father to son from generation to generation.According to the ancient Portuguese poets ” The sword is the soul of the knight and the appearance of the sword is that of one who uses it . “San Galgano , finding no wood to build a cross, it gets a infiggendo his sword in the stone, turning an instrument of war into an instrument of peace and hope.

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