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Lightning Tattoos


Lightning Tattoos: The lightning or thunder or lightning is an electrical discharge that occurs in the atmosphere of large size, which takes place between two bodies with a large difference in electrical potential. Few are spectacular phenomena in nature such as lightning discharges that extraordinary… across the sky illuminating for a moment immediacy accompanied by the typical, ominous sound of thunder. In ancient times people believed that lightning tattoos had weapons of the gods, also because of the effects of their power… that tore trees on fire rocks that exploded… and in the most nefarious people who remained killed.

To the Greeks were challenged and fired lightning from the powerful Zeus, the father of all gods, the head of Mount Olympus. The lightning was a symbol of immense power, and was also associated with fertility as the lightning that often accompanies the rain that nourishes crops. In Nordic legends, Thor is the god of thunder and lightning sprang from his hammer on impact. In the Bible the lightning accompanies the ‘appearance of God in Exodus… to symbolize the light of truth . Even Japan has its legends… in the Eastern Lightning are produced by the dragons of the air, because of their movement across the sky.

In modern times, the design of lightning is a symbol of danger in the vicinity of high voltage current. symbol of a lightning double was also used by the SS Germanic, dell’armata elite Nazi troops during World War II, the same symbol was reused by some bikers groups to emphasize their status as outsiders. Finally, for all fans of comics, not to forget the lightning that stands on the chest of Flash superhero who must, to an electric discharge, the acquisition of superpowers that allow it to move at the speed of lightning .

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Lightning Tattoos

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