Bio Mechanical Tattoos

Bio mechanical tattoos are real, three-dimensional impression with robotic parts beneath the skin. This is a "trompe l'oeil", or "trick the eye", because the skin often looks like it was peeling to reveal the combination of mechanics and meat. Where there should be blood, bone and tendon, we can see the mechanical components such as gears, levers and tubes. Some say that these parts of titanium represent our hidden potential.In popular culture, bio-mechanical phenomena are best presented by Star Trek cyborgs, cloned race known as the Borg. Where are the pipes, wires and chips associated with physical limbs, it is actually bio-mechanics.

Skilled artists can upload tattoos in this fiction (or science fiction), in two dimensions.More popular among boys than with girls, these bio-mechanical tattoo designs are usually the most powerful muscles such as upper arm, shoulder, thigh, back, and sometimes the wrist.Old bio-mechanical tattoos are made in black and gray colors, which gives a true impression of metal and robotics.

Most of us first became aware of "bio-mechanics" when we looked at some of the "Alien" movies. The genius behind the design of the alien creature was Swiss surrealist, HR Giger. (He won the 1980 Oscar for "best achievement in visual effects.") Giger previous artwork has brought him a reputation for tickling our primary fears and instincts. It is clear that trying to upset those who have encountered his man-machine combinations.

Much of the modern era tattoo - skulls, blood, vampires - they can be called a "dark art". Bio-mechanical designs are sometimes called "Biomech" with its living tissue mixed with the machines. Shock and awe, they are both motivators, forcing us to look inward in a tattoo.
Bio mechanical tattoos can be done in various ways, what they have in common is they all show some kind of wounds on the body from which, instead of gushing blood or bone to be seen, we see the mechanics and levers instead of tendons of titanium.

Bio-mechanical tattoo is a popular choice for large and small tattoos. The design somehow looks best on your hand as a short sleeve arms or even long sleeve from shoulder to wrist. They just may be a small discreet tattoos, small tattoo on her shoulder or chest that allows a "peek".
If you are thinking about your first tattoo you might want to give us some insight into what makes it really consists. Maybe you have some creature beneath the skin that wants to get out of you. Maybe you're made of plastic tubes and microchips, or there are gears and wheels.
Bio-mechanical tattoos are only limited by your imagination.So show others who you really are.

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